April 13th, 1943 - February 27, 2018


Pastor David T. Demola, 74, passed away peacefully at his home on Tuesday, February 27, 2018. The youngest of three boys, Pastor Demola was born in New Brighton, Staten Island, NY to Joseph and Rose (D’Amore) Demola on April 13th, 1943. Pastor Demola began his ministry as a teenager in 1956 ministering to gang members on the streets of Brooklyn, NY, with what is now Teen Challenge International.

As a child, baseball was also a passion for him. He was a skilled pitcher, scouted by the Brooklyn Dodgers and offered a chance to play for them. Denying that opportunity and following his true call, Pastor Demola went on to complete his undergraduate work at Valley Forge Christian College (formerly Northeast Bible College). After graduating, he ministered extensively as an evangelist throughout Europe, the Caribbean, South America, and the US for eleven years until working as assistant Pastor to his father and then eventually becoming senior Pastor at Christian Pentecostal Church in Staten Island.

In 1980 following his conviction after stepping down as pastor there, Pastor Demola began a home church with just three others, which rapidly grew into what is now known as Faith Fellowship Ministries World Outreach Center. Faith Fellowship Ministries is an international growing congregation of more than 6,000 committed families from all walks of life. In addition to his responsibilities as pastor and apostle, he ministered via a weekly international telecast called The Teaching Ministry of David T. Demola. Each year he hosted an International Pastors and Ministers Conference (IPMC) that brings ministers and their spouses from more than 130 nations for a week of intense teaching, encouragement and fellowship. He has an extensive media outreach and ministries in Spanish and Portuguese as well.


In 2001, Pastor Demola began Faith International Training School (FITS) which has equipped hundreds of Bible students from 81 nations, and has sprouted like-minded churches all over the world. Founder and leader of Covenant Ministries International, he was an apostle to national and international ministers. Along with his wife and hand picked leadership team he was committed to mentoring, training, counseling, loving and supporting these ministers hosting semi annual meetings, Internet conferences and giving personal attention. He is a true father in the faith and will always be known as a passionate, kind and gracious shepherd.


Pastor Demola was a visionary with multiple projects in the works to build strong families and communities and to reach a hurting world with the Gospel (good news) of Jesus Christ. He was a Bible student, spending many hours every day reading and praying in preparation to preach to his multi ethnic congregation with a passion and grace that was unmatched.

Adept at all phases of carpentry, building and construction, he would often be found working alongside laborers on his own projects. His energy was unmatched and it wouldn't be strange for him to start another project while the current project was still being completed.

His thirst for all kinds of knowledge was unquenchable. While in conversation with him about a subject one would quickly find out that Pastor Dave many times would know more about the subject than you did, while maintaining a humble and encouraging manner.

He was a true sports fanatic from his childhood days as a great baseball pitcher, loving the NY Mets, Giants, Knicks and Rangers with knowledge of team strategy and player, watching multiple games at a time. What he also enjoyed was salt water fishing, but one had to be prepared when fishing with Pastor Dave! At a moments' notice you might have to raise your poles out of the water, even if you were catching fish, in search of a "better" spot.


Pastor Dave possessed an intense love for his family, congregation, and all people in general, and he encouraged and motivated thousands of people around the earth to be the best they can be and to overcome life's obstacles by believing in a living God and His promises to us. His ministry prompted many to form their own successful churches all over the world, preaching the grace of Jesus Christ, his first love.

Pastor Demola is predeceased by his parents, Joseph and Rose Demola, brothers, Joseph Demola Jr. and James Demola, nephew Joseph Demola III and niece Janice Demola.


He is survived by Diane (Johnston) Demola, his wife of 35 years and Co-Pastor of Faith Fellowship Ministries World Outreach Center, by five children and their spouses, Steven and Megan Mastropiero, Jeffrey and Geovanna Mastropiero, Jodi and Jeff Powers, Cynthia and PJ Oliveira and Jaclyn and Israel Monteiro. The eleven grandchildren from oldest to youngest are Michael Powers, Payge Powers, Kelly Powers, Giavanna Powers, Brianna Pitre. David Pitre, Jordon Oliveira, Daniel Mastropiero, Grace Mastropiero, Jack Mastropiero, and Luke Mastropiero. He is also survived by nieces and nephews, great nieces and nephews and many cousins.


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